Will and Document Storage

Secure Document Storage: Safeguarding Your Will with The Will For You

Writing a will is a significant step in planning for the future. However, just as important as creating a will is ensuring its safekeeping. At The Will For You, we emphasise the importance of secure document storage to protect your will and your wishes.

The Risks of a Lost Will

If your will is lost or damaged, it could have serious consequences:

The Role of Affidavit Evidence

In cases where a will is lost or suspected to be destroyed, affidavit evidence may be required. This involves a statement made under oath, typically by the person responsible for the will’s loss or destruction, explaining the circumstances. Affidavit evidence is used to reconstruct the will’s contents or confirm its existence, but this process can be challenging and is not always successful.

Secure Document Storage with The Will For You

It’s imperative that once you’ve written your Will it’s kept safely. We offer a secure solution for this:

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