Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration:
Navigating the Process with The Will For You

When a loved one passes away, handling their estate can be a challenging task. At The Will For You, we specialise in guiding you through the complexities of Probate and Estate Administration, under English and Welsh succession law. Understanding the difference between these two processes is key to managing the estate effectively.

Understanding Probate vs. Estate Administration

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Probate and Estate Administration

Getting Probate

The process starts with valuing the estate and completing the required HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) forms. Depending on the estate’s value and complexity, different forms may be required:

  • Form IHT205: For smaller, simpler estates.
  • Form IHT400: For larger, more complex estates, especially when Inheritance Tax is due.

After submitting these forms, you can apply for the Grant of Probate or, if there’s no will, a ‘Grant of Letters of Administration’.

Role of Executors and Choosing the Right One

Executors play a pivotal role in estate administration. They are responsible for:

  • Collecting and valuing all the assets.
  • Paying off any debts and taxes.
  • Distributing the remaining estate according to the will.

Choosing the right executor is crucial. Typically, close family members or trusted friends are chosen. However, there are instances when appointing a professional executor is advisable, such as:

  • When the estate is large or complex.
  • If there are potential conflicts among beneficiaries.
  • If the will includes trusts or overseas property.
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Professional Executor

Professional Executors: When to Consider Them

Professional executors, like solicitors or trust companies, bring expertise and impartiality to the process. They can be particularly helpful in navigating complex legal and tax matters, ensuring that the estate is administered correctly and efficiently.

The Will For You: Your Companion in Estate Administration

At The Will For You, our team of experts is equipped to handle every aspect of probate and estate administration. Whether you need guidance on completing forms, advice on choosing executors, or comprehensive management of the entire process, we’re here to support you.

What does this support look like?

We can help with understanding the next steps after the loss of a loved one and recommend how best to proceed.

Questions we can help with:

Your Options

For Full Estate Administration we have a number of partners that we work with the SWW Trust Corporation. In some cases, I act as their agent so that they have the comfort of dealing with me as their known adviser and only have one point of contact.
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